The 5 Best Cargo Storage Containers for SUVs

Updated: October 3, 2021 by Sammy

Our favorite SUV storage ideas to make car travel easier.

Let’s face it—sometimes, even SUVs don’t have enough storage space. Whether you are traveling with your family or your big furry pet, it seems we always need more room.

storage containers packed on top of suv

Before you start planning the next trip, you may want to find an easier way to pack your luggage. There are many cargo storage containers created just for the SUV that can make your trip easier.

We’ve compiled a list of 5 popular cargo storage containers so you can choose the best option to fit your SUV & travel style.

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Five SUV Storage Containers You Need For Your Next Road Trip

These SUV cargo storage solutions free up valuable space inside the vehicle so you can ride in comfort on those long road trips.

  1. OKLEAD Cargo Hitch – Attach more storage to your hitch
  2. Wallaroo Cargo Bag – Flexible storage for the roof or trailer
  3. Keeper Rooftop Storage Bag – Waterproof rooftop storage
  4. Lebogner Trunk Storage Net – Fits in the back of your SUV
  5. Drive Auto Products Trunk Organizer – Flexible Cargo Storage
red suv with a hard rooftop car storage container

Read on to see more above each of our favorite products.

1. Cargo Hitch Carrier by OKLEAD (60” x 24”)

The OKLead Cargo Hitch Carrier is a universally sturdy and good SUV cargo storage solution.

OKLEAD 400 Lbs Heavy Duty Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier

This lightweight cargo storage option hitches onto the back of an SUV and can carry up to 400 lbs.

The mount fits a standard 2-inch cargo receiver, so it can be used on multiple different types of vehicles. It has a mesh surface and 14.4 inch raised tubular side rails.

This specific hitch isn’t suitable for cars with an upward-facing central exhaust pipe.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to attach
  • Safety Reflectors


  • Can leave gear smelling like exhaust fumes
  • Does not work with all vehicles

2. ROLA 59102 Wallaroo Cargo Bag

The Wallaroo Cargo Bag is a great SUV storage idea for those who want to add on a carrier or even a permanent rack on the top of the truck.

ROLA 59102 Wallaroo Cargo Bag

The Wallaroo Cargo Bag is 100% rainproof, and a great way to keep belongings safe while still being able to store them externally during travel.

With many pockets, this SUV storage container is easy to pack and organize without losing any of the smaller items that folks might need. The straps on the Wallaroo Cargo Bag are incredibly sturdy, however, some users find them difficult to attach initially.

ROLA 59102 Wallaroo Cargo Bag

A matching cargo carrier is also available if you prefer to attach the carrier to the back of your SUV instead of the roof rack.


  • Rainproof fabric protects belongings
  • Large capacity
  • Durable


  • Straps can be difficult to attach to the bag

3. Keeper 07203-1 Waterproof Roof Top Cargo Bag

Like the Wallaroo, the Keeper 07203-1 is a cargo bag as opposed to a cargo rack.

Keeper 07203-1 Waterproof Roof Top Cargo Bag

The difference between the Keeper and the Wallaroo is that the Keeper is specifically designed for the roof of a vehicle. These SUV storage containers are incredibly affordable, but they don’t lack in durability compared to the more expensive options.

The Keeper is a great SUV storage idea, as it is weatherproof and flexible, so users can fit many different types of cargo inside. The Keeper tends not to last as long as some of the pricier options, but users typically get about 3,000 miles out of the bag before some minor wear and tear becomes visible.


  • Easy to Install
  • Weatherproof
  • Holds a lot


  • The fabric exterior makes the Keeper less secure than other hardshell options
  • Minor wear and tear after a few thousand miles of usage

4. Trunk Storage Net by Lebogner

The Lebogner trunk storage net is a fairly versatile and innovative SUV storage option.

Lebogner Trunk Storage Net Car Trunk Organizer

The trunk storage net is a flexible net that affixes on either side of the trunk, allowing for expanding room for storage by keeping items in place when stacked high inside of the trunk.

It can also be used to lay on top of items that users do not want to shift during transit. It is because of this that the Trunk Storage Net is a popular item not only with people who travel in SUVs, but with everyday SUV users.

On top of holding things in, the net also serves as an extra pocket, so to speak, for items such as water bottles that users don’t want to spill or get crushed during transit. Some users find the attachment system of this specific net to be a little difficult to use, but once the net is attached, it is useful for travel as well as for everyday usage.


  • Versatile
  • Affordable


  • Difficult to attach

5. Multi-Compartment Car Organizer by Drive Auto Products

The Ultimate Trunk Organizer by Drive Auto Products is a good in-vehicle option as far as SUV storage containers go.

Black and grey trunk organizer by Drive auto products - image on white background

This trunk organizer is sturdy and has many pockets in order to help organize the car for travel or for everyday life.

The compartments of this organizer helps to keep the car clean and keep gear organized so that users can always know where their things are when they need them. These trunk organizers are also collapsible to save space when they’re not in use.


  • Sturdy
  • Useful for many different situations
  • Console Organizer, Cargo storage, grocery organizer, and more


  • Takes up trunk space when in use

The Verdict

There are a lot of awesome SUV storage ideas on the market right now. From those that attach to the roof of the vehicle, to those that go inside, there is a great option for every different possible usage.

As always, potential buyers should be sure to check the price & reviews on marketplaces like Amazon to find which SUV storage solution that is best.