The Five Best Golf Trunk Organizers and Lockers

Updated: October 2, 2021 by Sammy
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As a golf enthusiast, I understand that the quality and features of your golf trunk organizer can really make a difference.

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, the golf bags and accessories you choose to carry your golf equipment can make a big difference in how you feel when you set off on your lastest golf venture.

A good golf trunk organizer or locker will prevent your gear from rolling around and getting lost under the seats as you travel to the golf course. Having a single place to store your golf gloves, tees, balls and a change of shoes make it easy to head off to the course at a moment’s notice. Not to mention it keeps the car a whole lot cleaner!

Four happy golfers standing proudly on the putting green
Sometimes in the game of golf, dressing the part and having the right equipment is part of the fun!

In this article, I’ll recommend five of the best golf trunk organizers to help you keep your accessories neat. Always look for one that is sturdy, compact and easy to use and access.

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1. Samsonite – Golf Trunk Organizer

What makes the Samsonite Golf Trunk Organizer different from the rest is that it has self-healing oversized nylon zippers for easy opening and closing of the trunk. This golf trunk is an imported product from Australia that’s manufactured by Samsonite and can be shipped in a few select countries outside the U.S. It’s designed to be flexible and convenient for movability.

An opened Gold organizer filled with golf accessories


• Durable polyester with rip-stop technology and waterproofing on the backing keeps your trunk neatly arranged as you travel by car
• Can hold up to 3 pairs of shoes in its special bottom compartment and can securely store or protect them no matter where you go
• Top lid compartment has large mesh divisions to store golf accessories
• Numerous small pockets to hold your personal things
• Movable dividers where you can customize your storage requirements to your liking
• Ventilated mesh front door for easy visibility, access, and aeration


• Bottom compartment is weak and easy to collapse
• Some of the compartments are small and tight
• There’s not enough space to place things in some parts

2. Callaway – Golf Trunk Locker

The Callaway is a flexible and all-around golf trunk locker perfect for storing and organizing all of your golf accessories you need to bring with you. It’s very useful for holding various items and still has enough room to spare. It’s a convenient storage system with sturdy inner supports to keep your belongings secure.

Opened Callaway Golf Trunk Locker with a red shirt, pair of gold shoes and 5 golf balls


• Easy-access storage compartments with rigid wall dividers for your things
• Collapses flat for convenient storage
• Has a shoe closet with mesh ventilation panel
• Sturdy construction with Velcro inner side supports and compartment dividers
• The right side can hold anything flexible enough to fill 4 of the storage compartments such as gloves, head covers, towels and still leaves more adequate space for shoes


• For its price, the zipper often breaks on the bag
• It’s not a double-decker bag or golf trunk locker

3. ProActive Sports – Trunk-It Organizer for Golf Gear/Locker for Vehicle

ProActive Sports Trunk organizer for golf gear storage is made with 600 Denier and rugged enough for everyday use. Even if it rolls around at the back of your car, your golf gear will remain neatly organized and stored in the trunk. This is very convenient for when you bring it with you and travel by car or any other vehicle in general.

Trunk-It Golf Gear Storage Trunk Organizer/Locker for Car or Truck


• Built for long-lasting use with its sturdy zippers and reinforced plastic walls
• Large storage space and pockets as well as mesh for ventilation
• Adjustable and customizable access to your golf gear
• Wide range of uses in storing various things
• Carry handle for easy transport


• Velcro dividers aren’t strongly attached, so they shift and topple around heavier contents
• Inserts are made of cardboard, making it have the chance of getting bent in half
• It only has room for one pair of shoes and limited space for supplies

4. Norris – Double Layer Trunk Locker 

This double layer trunk can store all your golf equipment in one convenient place with a bit of room to spare. Not only can it be used for golf gear storage, but it can also hold your other belongings such as shirts, towels, ID or business cards, shoes, books, water bottles, and many others.

Norris Double Layer Trunk Organizer


• Largest on our list at about 2 feet wide
• Holds shirts, towels and other golf accessories
• Ventilated bottom section big enough for 3 pairs of shoes
• Has a Business card/ID holder and mesh panel
• Folds flat for storage


• Bottom section not as sturdy as it could be

5. JEF World of Golf – Trunk Locker

JEF World of Golf’s golf trunk locker is compact and can keep all your golf gear organized with its several compartments. Woven with durable black nylon, heavy-duty zipper, and rubber handle, its case can be folded flat for easy storage.

black single layer golf organizer opened and showing golf shoes and accessories


• Store all of your golf gears in one place and keep them neatly organized
• Holds shirts, towels and other accessories
• Mesh panel that allows airflow for quick drying
• Dedicated storage for your shoes, balls, tees, and books


• Velcro nailed plastic low-quality zippers
• Slightly smaller trunk compared to others
• Cheap and flimsier looking than expected at first sight

Compare the Top 5 Golf Organizers

Compare the dimensions and weight of the top 5 golf trunk organizers.
#Brand NameLevelsWeightPriceDimensionsMesh Shoe Compartment
1Samsonite24.4 lbs$$$$24 x 16 x 10 inYes
2Norris 23.4 lbs$$$$28 x 14 x 5 inYes
3Callaway13.5 lbs$$$$19 x 15 x 6.5 inYes
4Trunk-It 13.1 lbs$$19 x 15 x 6 inNo
5JEF World13.2 lbs$$$16 x 10 x 6 inYes


golfer putting on green with friends looking on

If you have a deep passion for golf, whether you’re a pro or not, golf trunk organizer reviews such as the ones written above can be really helpful in aiding you in your decision.

Overall, when you consider buying a trunk organizer or lockers for golfing, you really have to determine which qualities are important and essential to what you’re looking for.

Personally, I highly recommend Callaway’s Golf Trunk Locker as it has very few flaws in its designs and features. The majority of its users even leave rave reviews and have a very good experience with it.

This is due to its flexibility and durability as a golf trunk, which is the sought-after feature by golf pros, enthusiasts, hobbyists, and beginners alike. It might be a little pricey, but it delivers the expected quality worth its price. It’s also widely known as the best golf trunk organizer.