Rola Trunk Organizer Review: A Rigid Yet Foldable Organizer That’s Just The Right Size

Updated: October 3, 2021 by Sammy

In this Rola trunk organizer review I want to give you information about the ROLA 59001 M.O.V.E. Trunk Organizer, and explain what makes it different from other organizers.

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The Rola Trunk organizer is a three-foot long, rigid-base organizer that is made to be used in the trunk of a car or trunk for organizational purposes.

Woman putting groceries in the hatch of her car
The Rola organizer has plenty of room for a large family’s groceries.

The Rola Trunk can be kept in the back seat permanently but you may also find that it is convenient to be able to move it (with the handles) when needed. It is excellent for family camping trips when we need to use our trunk’s capacity to the fullest.

Here are my favorite things about it:
• Rigid walls that don’t flop around
• The whole thing collapses flat when not in use
• The material on the bottom is non-slip, so it doesn’t move around
• The handles are sturdy, so I am not afraid it is going to break when I have to move it
• The dividers come out so that you can adjust the interior pocket sizes, which makes it easy to transport large, long items as well as smaller ones

What I don’t like about it:
• When it collapses, it is still 38” long
• No straps for securing it to the sides of the trunk

My Review of the Rola Trunk Organizer

This organizer is almost three feet long and can have up to four different interior compartments at any given time. When I use it during the week, and for everyday errands, I usually use all four compartments in an arrangement that makes transporting groceries a breeze. No more tipped bags!

Rola Organizer - Empty in Black
The ROLA 59001 M.O.V.E. Trunk Organizer

On weekends or longer vacations with the family, I find that it is best to take one or two compartments out. We can put in our tent, sleeping bags, and food items, and stay organized. It slides easily in and out of the car, so when you want to move it to look for something behind it, you just pick it up and place it nearby while you look.

I have an active family, and I love asking the kids to put any dirty or muddy clothing, shoes, or equipment into the ROLA organizer, instead of directly onto my car’s interior. Then, I can take the organizer into the house whenever I want, and clean it out, so it’s like new. I feel like I am saving the back of my car from a lot of wear and tear, and the interior will last much longer!

What Do Other Customers Have to Say about the Rola 59001?

I saw many, many positive comments in the ROLA trunk organizer review section on Amazon, from happy customers. ROLA is a well-reputed company, and its products are built to last. Many customers were satisfied with the size, the removable compartments, and the fact that the organizer doesn’t move because of the non-slip material along the bottom.

Frequently Asked Questions

When I was looking through the customer comments on the Rola trunk organizer review and questions section on Amazon, I saw that many customers were asking about the way that the organizer collapses. I’ll touch on that now.

Because the bottom is so rigid, it cannot collapse and fold up into a compact package that would easily fit in a drawer or shelf. The walls and sides do fold downwards into a neat package, but the base of said package is still 38” by 15”. I just wanted to clear that up!

I also saw questions about whether it is waterproof. The material is nylon, and the product description does not say that they are waterproof or even water-resistant.

Camping Gear in a Car Organizer

I always am sure to get mine into the car and under shelter if we are doing outdoor activities and it happens to be raining out. I think that water would probably damage the structure of the organizer if it had the chance to soak through the outer material, so I don’t take any chances.

Final Thoughts on the “Rola Trunk Organizer”

The Rola 59001 rigid base trunk organizer is the perfect size for my family and me. I am pleased with the design and quality. I love that the compartments can be modified to fit the family’s larger gear, like the tent.

When I take it out of the trunk, my car’s interior still looks brand new! I am excited about that. If you need an organizer, you should check out the Rola 59001 trunk organizer product page on Amazon.