Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Car Trunk Organizer

Updated: May 15, 2021 by Sammy

Not sure whether you need a car trunk organizer? Don’t let the name fool you. These handy products are commonly used for so much more than organizing the trunk!

Just look at how much a car trucnk organizer can hold. This one is filled with sports gear, including a frisbee, soccer ball, tennis balls, baseball glove, basketball, sunblock, water bottle and golf glove.
From sports to suntan lotion – there are so many uses for a car organizer.

Here are our top 10 favorite ways to use a great car trunk organizer:

  1. Clean up your car! Obviously, this is the best reason to get a car organizer. You will have a single place to contain the clutter, toss the trash (temporarily at least), and store everything that you just can’t travel without.
  2. Grocery Organizer. If you’ve ever shopped at a big box store like Costco or BJs, you know they don’t give out grocery bags. The plastic bags also tend to roll around in your backseat while your groceries spill out. You can even bring your trunk organizer right into the grocery store, open it in your cart & fill it up!
  3. Sports Organizer. Keep the baseballs, gloves, soccer balls, and shin guards from taking up all your car space. If you get one of the more heavy-duty models, you can pile in a ton of gear into your organizer. Also gently suggest to your family to keep the sports gear in its place!
  4. Transport School Supplies. Know any teachers? If you buy an organizer with handles, these make a great present. Teachers always have books, crafts, homework, gifts, and more that need to be transported from the car to the classroom.
  5. Store Emergency Car Supplies. There are specific supplies that every responsible car owner shouldn’t be without. Jumper cables, towels, motor oil, maps, a flashlight, and towels are all excellent emergency car supplies you will be glad to have on hand.
  6. Pack for a Trip to the Beach/Lake. Need to carry your beach balls, towels, sunblock, and beverages the car to the beach or lake? A roomy car organizer is a perfect way to pack up for that special weekend trip.
  7. Store Tools needed for Home Improvement Jobs. Whether you are a contractor, handyman, or just a helpful grandpa, a trunk organizer is a perfect place to store all the tools required for the job.
  8. Keep Extra Blankets, Ski Jackets & Gear off the Floor. Do you like to go skiing or take scenic winter treks through the mountains? Nobody wants to wear all their gear during the car trip. Pile your ski jackets and goggles in the organizer to keep them neat and pack the bottom with a few extra blankets and a thermos of hot chocolate.
  9. Carry Prepared Casseroles & Cupcakes. When you visit relatives and friends over the holidays – it’s always nice to bring a dish. But you don’t want it sitting precariously on the back seat where it could spill. Or use them to carry in your boxes of cookies for the local girl scout cookie sales.
  10. Contain your Kid’s Clutter! We all love our kids, but man do they have a lot of stuff. So, last but not least is a place for your kids to keep their toys, travel games, and snacks. It’s smart to travel with all the necessary items to keep the kid’s busy – especially on a more extended car trip.

So there you have it. And this is just the tip of the ice-berg – we are sure you could come up with quite a few more ways to keep your car organized and be prepared for the many trips in your near future.

Plus they make a great gift for even the hardest people to shop for. If you aren’t sure which organizer is right for you – just check out our best trunk organizer comparison table.