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Grocery Organizers for the Trunk – Our 5 Favorites

If you are in the market for the best grocery organizer to make your shopping trip a little easier, you’ve come to the right place.

Tired of hearing that sound—the sound of your groceries spilling all over your back seat or trunk? This is the sound that usually tells you your groceries are being crushed or your eggs are possibly broken.

spilled grocery bag with fruits milk and bread falling out

Regardless of how you use your car or how many kids you have to drive around, keeping it organized and clean is a must. Groceries can get messy, leak, ruin your car, or simply drive you crazy as you are looking for that lost bag of oranges!

Not only is it a good idea to keep it organized for cleanliness, but it helps separate the foods that should be stored differently as a precautionary measure for any food born illnesses, or if you have someone with strict food allergies.

paper grocery bag with lettuce, herbs, pepper and potatoes

A trunk organizer for groceries is extremely affordable and offers such a convenience that many individuals have missed out on. Whether you are tired of having a messy car or you prefer things to be neat and tidy, these organizers are a good idea.

The Best Grocery Organizers for Your Car and Shopping Trips

When you are in the market for a grocery organizer, there are three main characteristics you need to look for: sturdiness, convenience, and insulation.

To help make your decision easier, we have done the hard work for you and chosen 5 of the best trunk organizer for groceries on the market.

1 – Lotus Trolley Bags – Set of 4 Reusable Grocery Cart Bags

Four colorful shopping bags in a grocery car

The Lotus Trolley Bags are the ultimate companion for your shopping cart. Designed with a heavy-duty fabric that can hold up to 50 pounds each.

Each bag comes with a set of detachable poles, so you can hang them in your shopping cart. When it’s time to pack the car, simply slide the poles out and place them in your trunk.

women adding the colorful bags into her car's trunk

Sold in a set of four bags, 3 include a mesh bottom for ventilation and visibility. The fourth bag is insulated for your hot or cold items. This innovative set of grocery bags provide enough storage for a ton of groceries.

What makes this organizer different from the rest are the dual-purpose functions for the cart or car, plus the special compartments for your wine and eggs!

Product Highlights


  • 4 Lightweight multi-functional bags.
  • Removable rods
  • 1 bag is insulated to help keep cold or hot items at their needed temperatures
  • Machine washable
  • Folds accordion-style
  • Each organizer section can separately expand


  • Since the bags are so large, some folks commented they were too heavy to lift after filling, so this is something to watch when you are loading up your cart!

2 – HomePro Goods Black Heavy Duty Car Trunk Organizer

HomePro Goods organizer filled with grocery bags

This sturdy organizer won’t let you down. Perfect for travel and grocery stores, it helps hold heavy things in place with its reinforced sides, flexible base inserts, and stay put strips on the bottom.

What sets the HomePro Good organizer apart from the rest are the rugged sides. Out of our top five list, this one if by far the strongest. The big roomy compartments also fit paper grocery bags nicely while keeping them upright.

HomePro Goods organizer collapsed to single compartment

Another feature we really like is the way you can fold up one side and convert it to a single compartment. This comes in really handy when you need the extra space in your cargo area!

Product Highlights


  • Heavy-duty cargo organizer
  • Multiple compartments with two main large sections and outer pockets
  • Interior thick elastic bands
  • Adjustable size
  • Easy collapsing


  • Many customers praise its durability but wish it had more outer compartments

3 – Earthwise Insulated Reusable Grocery Bag Shopping Box

2 insulated grocer boxes - one in green & one in purple

Use it as both a grocery bag and car storage! This convenient grocery organizer is extremely versatile. Looking for something sturdy and with enough storage for a huge load of groceries? Look no further than the Earthwise Insulated Grocery Bags. Even the lid is insulated to keep groceries fresh longer. Perfect if you have nosy pets or kids in the backseat!

Product Highlights


  • Large capacity
  • Lip top zippered
  • Insulation
  • Stays flat in the trunk
  • Extra side handles for easy lifting
  • Folds flat


  • Due to it being a tote as well as a storage bin, some say it is not as sturdy as other organizers.

4 – Picnic at Ascot 3 Section Folding Trunk Organizer

bright orange 3 compartment organizer with groceries and wine.

This thoroughly designed organizer is perfect for the farmer’s market and grocery store trips. The Picnic at Ascot Folding Trunk Organizer has 3 sections with a removable cooler in the center. Supports are sewn into each side to prevent the middle from sagging.

Offering individuals a variety of color options, including bright diagonal stripes of blue orange or green. Folds down flat for storage in between trips.

Product Highlights


  • Removable Leakproof Cooler
  • Colorful Designs
  • 3 Large Sections
  • Two layers of water-resistant boards
  • Padded Reinforced Handles
  • Easy to fold


  • Smaller than expected. It may not hold all of your groceries if you have a larger family. You might need to buy multiple organizers.

5 – Busy Life Eco-Friendly Grocery Set

Busy Life Organizer with Removable Inserts

The eco-friendly version of grocery trunk organizers, the Busy Life thermal food bag and reusable bag set is another solid option. The thermal bags keep your food cool and are easily removable which is a neat feature. This combination offers the best way to bring home groceries in a fully responsible and environmentally friendly way.

Product Highlights


  • Eco-friendly
  • Can turn into a tote
  • Insulated bag
  • Reusable bag set
  • Two main compartments


  • Smaller in size—one organizer is not typically suitable for exceptionally large grocery trips

The Verdict

Keeping the trunk organized will keep the space open for optimal use. Everyone who cares about their groceries or keeping an organized and clean car needs a grocery organizer!

Not only do the organizers keep your groceries from falling over when you make one small turn, but they provide the ultimate comfort in your vehicle. It helps remove clutter and eliminates distractions while driving that could cause you to end up in a collision.

insulated shopping bag in brown
Available in several different color combinations.

Of all the organizers reviewed here, Earthwise Insulated Reusable Grocery Bag Shopping Box wins for all-around top performance. Its sturdy and well-insulated structure and large compartments make it incredibly convenient and a reliable choice for organizing those groceries in your car and keeping the bread unsquashed and the eggs unbroken.

You can count on the Earthwise to keep your groceries organized, insulated and intact. To integrate this organizing system into your life, check the price at Amazon!