The Best Cargo Liners & Trunk Mats to Protect Your Car

Updated: October 3, 2021 by Sammy

A high-quality cargo liner or trunk mat is the key to keeping the back of your vehicle clean.

dog and muddy boots in the back of an SUV - cover image for the best cargo lines to protect the car

Are you tired of cleaning up after transporting messy cargo in the back of your vehicle? Don’t want to spend hours scrubbing and vacuuming after your pet has spent time in the back of your SUV?

Or maybe you share the car with a spouse who isn’t thrilled with the state of the car after a weekend hunting or fishing trip.

Of course, you can put down a blanket, but they are easily pushed out of place when you move items in and out of your truck. And they won’t protect your car from the messier spills and scratches.

The solution is a heavy-duty cargo mat that will protect the floor of your vehicle from dirt, spills, exuberant pets, or from scratches made by heavy cargo jostling as you drive.

Husky Cargo liner shown inside vehicle with hunting gear
Pictured above is the Husky Cargo Liner Series

In this guide, we will introduce you to some of the best cargo liners on the market today.

You can find the list of product recommendations below. You also can read past the recommendations to learn more about trunk liner benefits, available styles, and features to look for when selecting a mat or liner.

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6 Best Cargo Liners to Protect Your Vehicle

Below are our top recommended floor mats and vehicle liners.

  1. Husky Weatherbeater Cargo Liner
  2. Husky Weatherbeater Trunk Liner
  3. Arf Waterproof Cargo Liner for Pets
  4. Weathertech Trim to Fit Trunk Liner
  5. Smartliner All Weather Custom Fit Cargo Trunk Liner Floor
  6. MAXLINER All Weather Cargo Trunk Liner Floor Mat

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1. Husky Weatherbeater Cargo Liner

Husky Liners Fits 2010-20 Toyota 4Runner with 3rd Row Seats Cargo Liner


  • Proprietary blend material
  • Raised edges to trap dirt and spills on the mat
  • Stay put cleats to prevent slippage
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Lifetime guarantee

The linked cargo liner is fitted for the 2010-2020 Toyota 4Runner with third-row seats and other vehicles with the same dimensions. But it is also available for many other models to ensure a perfect fit.

What stands out about this cargo liner? First of all, the contouring is excellent, which makes it easy to install. It also helps it to stay in place as you drive. Moreover, the proprietary material is impressively sturdy. The perimeter is also raised, which prevents spills from getting in under the edges, making accidents especially easy to clean.

Any drawbacks? When you order the mat, it is rolled up. It may take a day or so before it stops curling in the corners. You can speed this process along by weighing them down. But at least this means that the mat also holds its shape well once you have it flattened and in place.

2. Husky Weatherbeater Trunk Liner

Husky Trunk Liner for the Ford Fusion series


  • Form-Fit Design
  • Proprietary material blend
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime guarantee

This product is similar to the Husky cargo liner above, but this version fits in the trunk of a car. Pictured above is the model designed to fit inside the trunk of the 2013-20 Ford Fusion S/SE/Titanium, 2017-18 Ford Fusion Platinum, or 2017-20 Ford Fusion Sport.

The overall design as well as the rugged proprietary material are similar to the other Husky liners. There is a raised lip around the perimeter of the mat which keeps water, sand, or other substances from leaking down around the edges.

3. Arf Pets Waterproof & Non-Slip SUV Cargo Liner

Arf Cargo Liner for Pets


  • 82 x 55 inches
  • Polyurethane layers with soft padding on top
  • Anti-slip bottom
  • Waterproof

If you are looking for the best cargo liner for dogs, the Arf Pets Waterproof & Non-Slip SUV Cargo Liner may very well be it.

The polyurethane multi-layer design prevents accidents and leaks from getting through the liner. Meanwhile, a soft padded layer on top remains comfortable for your pet.

The mat extends up the back of your rear seats, providing them with protection from destructive pets and anchoring the product with reinforced headrest straps. Meanwhile, the anti-slip bottom holds the mat securely in place, keeping your dogs safe in the cargo area.

4. WeatherTech Trim to Fit

WeatherTech Trim-to-Fit All Vehicle Cargo Mat
Best for Eco-Friendly Trunk Protection


  • Flexible rubber compound
  • Anti-slip texture
  • Made in the USA
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Non-toxic and recyclable
  • 53″ wide by 36″ long
  • Option to trim to 41″ wide by 27.5″ long

The WeatherTech Trim to Fit trunk liner boasts a lot of great features. As the name indicates, this liner offers a “trim to fit” option where you can downsize it from 53″ wide by 36″ long to 41″ wide by 27.5″ long to fit a smaller trunk.

It is not only a versatile option to protect your vehicle, but also an eco-friendly one thanks to the fact that it is 100% recyclable.

Furthermore, the proprietary Thermoplastic Elastomer is OEM-approved, contains zero latex, lead, nor cadmium, and produces no unpleasant odor.

There is a reservoir to collect fluids as well as a raised edge to prevent leaks. The molded-in nibs and the MatGrip patented retention device ensure a firm grip on the floor of your vehicle.

5. Smartliner All Weather Custom Fit Cargo Trunk Liner Floor

SmartLiner Cargo Trunk Liner


  • Textured grip
  • Lifetime warranty

This version of this product is designed to fit the 2018-2020 Honda Accord as well as other vehicle trunks with the same dimensions, but multiple sizes are available to fit a range of other vehicles.

Smartliner wanted this product to have a classy appearance. Characterized by sleek lines, it makes an elegant addition to the back of your vehicle. The surface is textured to resist skidding while the lip of the liner is raised to keep fluids from leaking underneath.

As suggested by the product name, this liner is an excellent option if you want to make sure that sand, dirt, snow, rainwater, ocean water, and other substances do not damage the interior of your vehicle. Whether you are hauling supplies for a day at the beach or you are running errands in the snow, the Smartliner Custom Fit Trunk Liner offers the all-weather protection you need.

6. MAXLINER All Weather Cargo Trunk Liner Floor Mat

Maxliner Cargo Trunk Liner


  • Stain-resistant
  • Odorless
  • Textured
  • Lifetime warranty

The linked version of this product fits the 2017-2018 Mazda CX-5, but other sizes are available. Like the Smartliner Custom Fit Trunk Liner, the MAXLINER features a sleek appearance. The texturing is functional for preventing skidding and is aesthetically pleasing.

If you need something that can stand up to spills without staining easily, you will find that this floor mat is a great option. It is a breeze to clean and doesn’t have an unpleasant odor like some competing products.

Benefits of a Trunk Liner

Now that you have had a chance to explore our recommended floor mats and cargo liners, let’s briefly go over the benefits of a trunk liner:

  • Protect your vehicle from spills, stains, and debris. Not only will a trunk liner keep sand, mud, food, liquids, and other substances from the floor of your vehicle, but it will also make clean-up fast and easy.
  • Keep the floor of your trunk from getting scratched. Heavy objects shifting around in back might scratch your floor, but not if you cover it with a liner.
  • Prevent skidding and jostling of cargo. Your cargo will be safer if it cannot slide around. A textured cargo mat helps keep the contents of your trunk secure.
  • Keep your dog comfortable. A trunk mat for pets has a soft, cushioned lining.
  • Stop your dog from damaging your trunk or seats. Under the cushioned surface of a trunk mat for dogs is a sturdier material which your dog cannot tear or bite through.

Best Features to Look for in a Trunk Liner

  • Texturing. A trunk liner may be textured on both the top and the bottom to prevent skidding of the mat or items on the mat.
  • Durable, non-toxic material. Rugged mats made out of heavy-duty rubber or proprietary materials can stand up to lots of wear and tear.
  • Raised edges. A raised lip around the perimeter of your mat will prevent liquids from seeping down around the edges. Look for an SUV cargo liner with sides to which make them easy to clean.
  • The right fit. Make sure you purchase a mat which is the correct dimensions for your trunk so it is easy to install. You will encounter some mats you can trim to fit a wider range of vehicles.
Cutting the WeatherTech trunk liner for a perfect fit
If you can’t find the exact size, choose an adjustable size mat like this one from WeatherTech that can be trimmed from 53″ x 36″ to 41″ wide by 27.5″ long

Available Styles of Trunk Liners

  1. Textured cargo liners. Designed out of rubber, vinyl, or proprietary materials, these hard, ribbed mats are sturdy and prevent cargo from skidding.
  2. Cargo liners for dogs. This type of mat usually has a layer of cushioned padding on top to keep your pet comfortable.
  3. Carpeted cargo liners. If you like the look of carpeting in your trunk, carpeted cargo liners remain an option.

Protect Your Vehicle Now With a High Quality Trunk Liner

You now know all about the benefits of trunk liners for protecting your vehicle from spills, destructive dogs, and more. You also know what types of trunk liners are available and what features are important to consider when shopping for a floor mat.

Additionally, you have a list of the best cargo liners for dogs, preventing leaks, and for achieving the perfect custom fit.

Click on any of the links in this article to get a high-quality floor mat for your vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does my trunk liner keep curling?

A: This is common for sturdy rubber mats which ship rolled up. They are designed to retain their shape. Just weigh down the corners for a day or two so that your mat flattens.

Q: How do I get the right fit for my trunk?

A: Either check the dimensions or look for a list of the vehicles which the trunk liner is designed to fit. You can cut some trunk liners down in size as well, depending on the design.