10 Car Storage and Organization Products: Find the Perfect Solution for Your Vehicle

Updated: October 3, 2021 by Sammy

For a lot of us, using our vehicles for extra storage space can be an afterthought. We toss an item into our backseat or trunk and think, “I’ll find a permanent place for that later.” But over time, that can lead to a real mess in your car or SUV.

back of car filled with items like donations, a walker, storage boxes and more

Along with temporary storage overflow, there are also a lot of important items that may live in your car: tools, emergency supplies, maps, outdoor equipment, and so forth.

If you want to keep these items in great condition and find what you need when you need them, you can restore order in your vehicle with the help of a car storage or organizing product.

There are a lot of different options on the market! Most are designed either for a specific type of vehicle or for a specific purpose.

In fact, many car organization products fulfill more than one purpose at a time, sometimes going well beyond mere organizing.

woman looking at her daughter in the backseat while driving

For example, if you regularly deal with messes and distractions while driving from your kids in the backseat, there are organizers that help keep your kids’ toys and supplies in order and keep them entertained with everything they need within reach. That way, you can keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

Below, we introduce you to 10 different types of organizing solutions to consider. That way, you can find what is right for you.

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1. SUV Cargo Storage

Anyone that drives an SUV knows that the cargo area behind the back seats can get messy really fast. It’s just too easy to toss items in the back. But after a few days or weeks, this type of clutter really adds up.

back of suv with toys scattered

An SUV cargo storage organizer is a type of large, heavy container which you can fit in the back of your SUV that helps keep your gear neat.

Most contain multiple sections separated by dividers. They are usually collapsible for your convenience but designed to be as rugged as possible to keep up with your active lifestyle.

suv cargo storage organizer filled with sports gear and car accessories

While this organizer works great in the back of an SUV, it is also a good size to use in standard-sized car trunks. Whether you transporting groceries or sports gear, these handy products are a great way to keep the cargo area neat.

2. Car Seat Organizers for Kids

Busy moms and dads may be looking for a solution especially for organizing their kids’ supplies while they are out running errands. A car seat organizer that is made for kids attaches to the back of your car seat so all their favorite items are within reach. The small storage compartments on the organizer are perfect for holding drinks, snacks, toys, books, or CDs.

lusso gear backseat organizer with child drawing in carseat
Pictured above is the Lusso Gear Seat Car Organizer available on Amazon.

Kids can reach into the pockets directly in front of them to grab what they want, leaving you free to concentrate on the road. It is the ideal solution for daily outings or family road trips. To see our favorite products in this category, check out our article on the best car seat organizers for kids.

3. Luggage Holders

If you travel by car with your family on vacation, you know that the interior space is always at a premium. Spending extended hours on the road is stressful enough without having enough room to stretch out or gain a little personal space.

A luggage holder for the car roof rack can help solve this problem by moving your suitcases from inside the car to the roof where they are out of the way.

SUV with the Keeper Waterproof Roof Top Cargo Bag attached
Shown above is the Keeper 07203-1 Waterproof Roof Top Cargo Bag

Made from waterproof material, this type of storage container goes on top of your vehicle and can greatly expand your storage capacity on trips. With it, you can free up room in your trunk for additional luggage and supplies and keep your passengers happy.

A luggage holder also can be a solution when you need to transport an item that simply is too large to fit in your backseat or your trunk.

4. Car Desk Organizers

With our increasingly mobile society, there are a lot of professionals that need to work out of the cars to get their job done. Whether you need to make follow-up phone calls, get contracts signed, or keep your work from home gear organized, the last thing you want is to misplace an important file in your car.

A car desk organizer gives you a place to store all of your paperwork, office supplies, and computer equipment in one functional space.

AutoExec Car Desk File Organizer
The AutoExec FileMaster Car Desk – available on Amazon

Designed for business folks on the move such as real estate professionals, sales reps or home service technicians, a car desk organizer is a must-have travel accessory. As the name implies, it functions as an organizer and a desk in one. It provides you with a flat surface for writing or laptops as well as small storage compartments for supplies, files, and paperwork.

This is the perfect way to keep your business moving on the road without misplacing important documents in your backseat.

5. Dog Car Organizers

All dog lovers should not be without a car organizer for their pup! You never know when you’ll need extra cleanup supplies, water or a snack to help your dog happy and healthy while traveling in the car.

High Road Dog Travel Bag
Pictured above is the High Road Dog Organizer Bag available on Amazon.

Dog car organizers keep your supplies sorted and help to keep you and your pet safe. Check out our 5 favorite dog travel organizer bags that make car trips with your dog easier.

6. Tool Boxes for SUVs

Anyone that works in construction or home repair needs a safe place to keep their tools in the car. Even the average handy homeowner may want to travel with a few tools in the trunk of his vehicle in case he or she needs to make repairs while you are on the road.

The DEWALT Tstak Tool Box
The DEWALT Tstak Tool Box, Deep – Available on Amazon

If you have an SUV, you can purchase an extra-large, sturdy container for your tools that fits in your trunk. With their specialized compartments, these toolboxes ensure that you can find the tools you need right away in an emergency.

7. Baby Car Organizers

All moms know staying organized in your vehicle with a baby can be a real challenge. But if you get a baby car organizer, you should find it a lot easier to manage your baby or toddler’s supplies while driving.

car organization product for baby shown with changing table and room for diapers, etc.
The Munchkin Brica Out-N-About Collapsible Trunk Organizer & Diaper Changing Station

A great baby organizer includes outside pockets for wipes, powder, and other handy changing supplies, plus plenty of room for extra diapers, towels and a change of clothes, just in case! If you have an infant, you can sit in the back and reach your baby supplies easily while you stay focused on the task at hand!

8. Backseat Organizers

Whether you are taking the kids to school or on longer road trips, it’s always a good idea to bring activities or snacks along for the ride. The more self-sufficient your backseat passengers are the more you can pay attention to the road!

center seat organizer/cooler option with toys and children in the back seat
The High Road Back Seat Organizer – available on Amazon.

A middle seat organizer is designed to sit on the back seat between your passengers. These are a great option if you have two kids who don’t mind sharing an organizer. They are also nice to provide a buffer when needed!

This type of backseat organizer also can work great if you just want to organize some items in your backseat for yourself. You can reach back between the front seats when you are parked to grab what you want. You also can ask your passengers to pass items up to you while you are driving.

9. Cargo Nets

If you need flexible storage that doesn’t take up a lot of space, a cargo net is just what you need!

cargo nets with 3 dividers shown with sports gear, backpacks and groceries inside
Zone Tech Car Trunk Mesh Cargo Net Three Pocket Net- Elastic Storage Universal Automobile Organizer

There are a lot of different types of cargo nets you can get for your vehicle:

  • Cargo net seat organizers attach to the backs of the front seats.
  • Cargo net pocket organizers stretch across your trunk or the back of your truck, providing you with separate compartments for your items.
  • You also can install cargo nets in the back of your vehicle that keep your items flat so that they don’t move around. In fact, you can even use a cargo net to hold other storage containers in place, protecting them from falling over and spilling their contents.

What is great about cargo nets is that they are inexpensive, lightweight and versatile, making them ideal for solving a wide range of organizing problems.

10. Console Organizers

Do you have a mess inside your center console armrest box? A console organizer is designed to fit inside the armrest box, providing you with handy compartments for all your items.

center console organizer by Rampage products
RAMPAGE PRODUCTS Universal Truck Bench Seat Console – available on Amazon.

Never lose anything deep at the bottom of the armrest box again. Keep everything where you can grab it in an instant.


Now you are familiar with 10 different types of organizing products for cars, SUVs, trucks, and more. Be sure to explore our best-of lists in each of these categories so you can discover top products on the market today.