Product Review: Drive Auto Products Car Trunk Storage Organizer

Updated: October 3, 2021 by Sammy

​​The Drive Auto Products trunk organizer is durable, sturdy, and has all the pockets that I need for staying organized. This particular organizer had more individual compartments than any other product we reviewed. There are two large pockets in the front and eight mesh pockets on the sides.

The tie-down straps on either side of the trunk organizer help to secure to and are used in place of the velcro ​strips on many other similar products.

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My Review of the Drive Trunk Organizer

​I work from my car and have two children, so I needed help with keeping it all working smoothly. This car or trunk organizer can be used in the trunk of the car as shown below or the front seat. In this Drive trunk organizer review, I’ll cover design specifics, uses, and FAQ’s.

Car trunk with organizer with groceries
The organizer gives you a safe place to hold groceries on the way back from the store.

​Before we dive into the specifics, here are the highlights of our Drive trunk organizer review.

What We Love About the Product

  • Goes into front seat mode, with one side collapsed
  • ​All the sides, as well as the bottom, have stiff plates that keep it rigid
  • Straps connect to the car to hold it in place on hills, curves, and in stop and go traffic
  • Convenient pockets for gadgets and drink containers

What We Didn’t Like​

  • ​Velcro closure on the front pocket makes it difficult to grab things on-the-go.
  • Needs more small pockets​​

​The Detailed Review of the Drive Auto Products Car Organizer

Since getting this organizer, my whole attitude about work has changed. I feel like I have an office in the car with me, and I’m no longer frustrated by searching for papers while I’m on the phone.

I like the functionality of the design. It has different modes so that you can choose how big you want it to be, depending on the situation. For example, when my wife and kids are in the car, we put it in the back seat with the kids’ stuff and groceries. When I am on my own, and the car is serving as my office, it is in the front passenger seat.

organizer filled with office supplies, phone and beverages in the car
Create a mini office in your front seat as you travel.

This car or trunk organizer is made with high-quality materials (Premium Oxford 600D fabric), reinforced with stiff plates. It has three main interior compartments, one of which takes up about half of the space, and the other two take up the other half. There are also side mesh pockets and two front pockets. The sides fold in when you want to collapse the carrier.

There are handles for lifting it in and out of the car, and it comes with straps to keep it stationary. The way that I use mine is to collapse one side entirely so that it is in “car mode,” and can fit into my front seat. I put my laptop, client files, and any binders and books that I need for the day in there, and they are easy to reach as I conduct business.

I use the front pockets for my phone, as well as a coffee or tea if it is morning or my water bottle in the afternoon. I usually stick papers and business cards into the side mesh pockets. I feel so much more organized as I make calls and work with people. No more digging around my bag or the back seat; everything is right where I need it. 

What Do Other Customers Have to Say About the Drive Auto Products Car Trunk Organizer?

Almost every single other Drive trunk organizer review that I read for this online was super positive. It seems that a lot of people were like me — just glad that they found the product and excited about using their car space in an organized way.

I saw one comment about a rip, but that was by far the exception out of the hundreds of glowing reviews. Maybe that customer wasn’t careful as he or she used it? I’m not overly cautious, but I do have an excellent track record of taking care of my things. I have been pleased with the quality of the organizer so far.

​Frequently Asked Questions

​Does It Collapse When Not In Use?

One common question is whether the organizer collapses. I think that might be confusing because it seems to be so rigid. But yes, it does entirely collapse so that it can be completely flat when you aren’t using it.

​What Are the Dimensions? Will It Fit In My Car?

Another common question is about the size, and whether it will fit in the car or truck in question. I drive a Tahoe SUV, so I wasn’t worried about it (a Tahoe is pretty big!). Here are the dimensions, in case you are wondering about your car.

The organizer is 23” X17” at the base and 11” tall. When I have it in the front-seat mode, the base is more like 15” by 17”. If you are curious about your car, you could use a measuring tape and check. I am sure that it would fit into any car or truck.  The video demo shows the ​organizer fitting into an average-sized car trunk.

​Video ​Demonstration of the Drive Trunk Organizer

Now, it’s time for the video demo from the manufacturer. ​Nothing is better than seeing it in action!

Final Thoughts on the “Drive Trunk Organizer”

Overall, I’m impressed with this product. It’s changed my attitude about working from the car, and made me so much more productive and organized as I tackle my tasks. It also helps on family days and quickly converts between those two functions.

I hope this Drive trunk organizer review gave you the information that you were looking for! I suggest that you learn more about it ​to see if it might be right for your needs as well! If you want to keep looking, return to our home page for even more trunk organizer reviews

the Drive Car Trunk organizer isolated on white background

The Drive Auto Products Car Trunk Organizer Storage with Straps