The Busy Life Trunk Organizer Review: An Economical Approach to Car Organization

Busy Life Organizer with Removable Inserts

In this Busy Life trunk organizer review I’ll cover the pros and cons of this product, give you details about it, and talk about how it can be used. This organizer is made to sit in your car, SUV, or truck, and help you organize your life. The compartments are adjustable, so you can customize it to the task that you have in mind.

Grocery Trunk Organizer

Here are some great features that the product has:

• Adjustable dimensions, both of subdivisions and overall size
• Rigid side walls
• Can fold up and store conveniently
• Great front pocket and mesh side pockets for smaller items
• Convenient front and side pockets
• Comes with two reusable bags

Things that aren’t so great about it:

• Material could be higher quality
• Dull coloring

My Review of the Busy Life Trunk Organizer

The Busy Life trunk organizer is 21” by 15” at the base, and is 10” tall. One of the subdividers can come out, so you can either have two compartments, or three. There is a front pocket as well as mesh side pockets. It can also be partially collapsed for carrying smaller items. It can fit in the front seat, back seat, or trunk of a car.

Personally, I use it in the back seat of my truck when I am out on the road doing landscape consulting. I keep a collapsible file folder, my iPad, several tools and measuring tape, and various marking gear (spray paint for tagging trees, flags, etc. for marking underground pipes and lines).

The specs on this product say not to carry it with more than 35 lbs, and I do stay within those guidelines. I find that I can pick it up with all of my gear in it, and move it conveniently to the yard on which I’m working.

Sometimes I also leave it in the truck. It is much more convenient than a closed bag because everything is in the open and readily accessible. I feel prepared when I arrive at job sites, and never forget anything because it always stays in the same place. I love that I can take it out of my truck when I am not out consulting.

What Do Other Customers Have to Say About The Busy Life Trunk Organizer?

I read through some of the comments in the Busy Life trunk organizer review section of Amazon before deciding to get one of these myself. I saw that a lot of customers were very pleased with the customer support.

The Busy Life company is American based and seems to be very on top of customer care. I haven’t had to reach out to them so far, so I can’t verify this personally, but I did feel better about buying once I read that they were so involved.

The Busy Life organizer has over a thousand primarily positive ratings from happy customers. There were, of course, some complaints. I saw two, for example, about mold on the product. Those reviews were each from two years ago.

That storage or packaging issue (not sure exactly) seems to have been resolved. I didn’t notice mold, and I read many recent positive reviews from customers who did not say anything about it either.

Frequently Asked Questions

Because the product details describe this organizer as “non-slip” I saw many people asking about what kind of features keep it from sliding and shifting while driving. It doesn’t have velcro or straps. The material that it is made out of (600D Polyester fabric) is rough and doesn’t slide when in my back seat.

I saw many other comments saying that it doesn’t seem to move around, even when empty. I rarely travel with it empty, but sometimes it is very light, and it doesn’t move an inch. I am thrilled it doesn’t have velcro on the bottom because I don’t want to pull apart my truck’s seat-lining.

Final Thoughts on the “Busy Life Trunk Organizer”

If you are looking for a great organizer to keep in your car that will help you feel prepared and on top of things, this one is an awesome choice. You can move it quickly in and out of the car or truck. It is durable, rigid, and has convenient handles.

Girl outside with dog and car organizer

Another convenient feature is that you can fold it up and store it when not in use. Best of all, you can customize it for the specific items that you are working with. I highly recommend that you check it out yourself. Find it here. I hope that this Busy Life Trunk Organizer review was helpful, and good luck finding the perfect organizer!